Copyright Policy

The "Journal of Food Legumes" operates under a copyright and intellectual property policy designed to protect the rights of authors, contributors, and the journal itself while promoting the dissemination and utilization of scholarly work. The following principles guide our policy:

  1. Copyright Ownership: Authors retain the copyright to their work published in the journal. By submitting a manuscript, authors grant the journal a non-exclusive license to publish, reproduce, distribute, and display the work in both print and electronic formats.

  2. Attribution and Citation: Proper attribution of authorship and original sources is essential. Readers are expected to cite published work from the "Journal of Food Legumes" appropriately when referencing or building upon the findings or ideas presented.

  3. Reuse and Redistribution: The journal supports open access principles, allowing readers to freely access, download, distribute, and reuse published content for non-commercial purposes, provided proper attribution is given to the original source.

  4. Permissions and Licensing: For any use beyond the scope of personal or educational purposes, permission must be obtained from the copyright holder, typically the author or the journal. Commercial use, adaptation, translation, or republication of copyrighted material requires explicit permission from the copyright holder.

  5. Plagiarism and Misconduct: Plagiarism, unauthorized use of copyrighted material, and other forms of intellectual property infringement are strictly prohibited. Authors are responsible for ensuring the originality and integrity of their work, while the journal employs plagiarism detection software and editorial oversight to identify and address potential misconduct.

  6. Compliance with Legal Requirements: The "Journal of Food Legumes" complies with all applicable copyright laws and regulations, including those governing fair use, permissions, and licensing agreements. Authors are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions for any third-party material included in their manuscripts.

  7. Dispute Resolution: In cases of copyright disputes or allegations of intellectual property infringement, the journal will investigate the matter thoroughly and take appropriate action, which may include removal of the contested material, correction of the record, or termination of publication privileges for offending parties.

By adhering to these copyright and intellectual property policies, the "Journal of Food Legumes" aims to foster a collaborative and respectful scholarly environment while safeguarding the rights and interests of all stakeholders involved in the publication process.